Inspections and repairs at quaysides

The same privileges for access to a rail terminal or airport also apply to ICTS Group regarding quaysides. This unique access permit has several advantages and win-win situations for customers: When a trailer on a ferry has damage on arrival, this has usually happened during the crossing. An inspection can be performed immediately upon arrival at the quayside and any damages that may have occurred on the ship will be charged to the ferry operator.

As a result, the customer will have minimal downtime and no consequential damage to his vehicle, and the repair work can be claimed at the relevant shipping company and possibly be paid under warranty. This means a double profit.

In addition to the inspections and repair of any damage, ICTS Group can also carry out preventive inspection and maintenance work on the trailer during the waiting period of a trailer on a charter or haulier. This can be the checking of tyres; checking the profile, measuring the pressure of tyres and putting air in the tyres, checking and if needed repairing the lashing straps for the cargo securing, and repairs of the tarpaulin or superstructure. All this is done during the standstill of the trailer, so as to create as little delay as possible for the trailer, thus ensuring optimal business use for the customer!