Inspections and repairs at the rail terminal

ICTS Group has unique validated access passes for access to restricted areas and the performance of work in places where customers usually cannot enter. Examples are rail terminals such as in Zeebrugge, but also the terminal of the Dutch airport Schiphol in Amsterdam.

When a rail provider finds there is something wrong with a load after inspection of a train, or when repairs need to be carried out on trailers that are already on a train, the adjustments need to happen extremely fast, so that a train can depart without delay. Any downtime costs of the train when it departs too late, will be charged directly to the customer who is responsible for the delay.

To avoid these fines, ICTS Group can perform repairs or fix loads on-site. Examples are damage to a trailer or tyres, or cargo that is hanging in the tarpaulin of a trailer. In this restricted area, ICTS Group can check the quality of tyres and replace tyres if needed. Cargo can be secured when there are problems in that area or ICTS can reload cargo on-the-spot.