Fixed container chassis

A fixed container chassis is a chassis that can transport one 20 ft. container, one 30 ft. container, one 40 ft. container or one 45 ft. container. The fixed container chassis is used for the transportation of standard containers, with a minimum of extra parts attached to the chassis. This minimizes damage to the vehicle, and the chassis’ focus is on a minimum of empty weight.

In addition, several extra options are possible:

  • With gen-set (a generator-set for refrigerated containers)
  • With aluminium rims for a minimum of empty weight

Based on the required use or business segment, the ICTS trailers are delivered with the specifications of your choice, including all certificates needed for their specific uses. Examples are a TüV certificate, ADR certificate (for hazardous substances) or a Huckepack certificate.

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ICTS 310118 0010

ICTS 310118 0018

ICTS 310118 0019

ICTS 310122 0010

ICTS 310126 0010