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R. Nagel relies on ICTS.

‘Your goods are our concern', that is what transport company R. Nagel stands for.  Their motto is the translation of the company's service: fast, high quality, reliable and flexible.

And with the greatest possible attention to safety and security. It is not a coincidence that they are AEO and TAPA certified. Transport company R. Nagel B.V., located in Oude Meer, near Schiphol Airport (the Netherlands), specializes in the physical handling and distribution of air freight and temperature-controlled transport.

Their fleet consists of more than 70 units. Due to their great range of vehicles, they are able to handle different types of cargo. It is therefore not surprising that, for almost a year now, they have also been relying on different types of ICTS trailers, not only refrigerated and box trailers but also double deck boxes, to live up to their motto every single day.
Their choice of vehicle is determined by the volume, weight and nature of the goods. Transport company R. Nagel aims to achieve the highest possible load factor, which is not only good for the customer, but also for the environment. Together we make a difference!